13 Facts Why You Should Break Up


In this jet age, all we need is a good relationship, not a relationship of fear, untruth, etc, Go out there you will see so many girls that fall in the hand of the wrong guy, but they keep thinking that they are in the right corner, well am here to help you out young lady, trust me after reading this article, it will help you to know if you are in the right part of the world or not, the article is a little bit lengthy oh, read it according to the line and numbers

A friend of mine on social network, has been asking me what will she do to know if she is dating the right guy, I told her that the answer is pending, till after my investigations, so this article before I started writing it, I did so many things, One of my friend at school, I will not call his name, because I don’t want him to be angry with me, this guy back then in school, he has so many girl friends, among 5 girls he loves only one, others are just for fun, and they are the once that suppose to be reading this article now, from the way he treats those girls, I brought out my points and reasons why you should break up

 Without wasting much of your time lest quickly rush into the main thing, read the article very well don’t skip any of it, it is important that you read all as a girl, below are the 13 reasons why you should break up

  1. He will only call you his girl friend whenever he likes or whenever he wants to take something from you

Since you have been dating this guy, he is not proud to call you his girl friend, he cannot present you as his girl friend in front of his friends and you are still comfortable with him, check this you have something that he wants to take, that time he will pet you by calling you My Baby, once he takes that thing from you, no more calling you my baby, till the next time he will need another thing from you, you need a guy that will be proud of you no matter, how ugly you are, he will always present you as his girl friend


  1. You people only calls or text each other when mad

Since you have been dating this guy, the only text you have been receiving from him is something like this “This girl are you out of your mind, do you think you are the only girl in the world, you are not good to be called someone’s girl friend” and you also the only text that you have sent to him is nothing but an insult text message, do you thing that you are with the right guy, if so you are mistaking, go and look for another guy oh!

  1. Among all your friends and family none of them likes him atoll

Since you have been dating this guy, when ever your friend sees him they will feel uncomfortable and angry, some of them will tell you to leave the guy, but you keeps taking it as a jealousy talk or something like that, have you noticed that even the kids in your family don’t like coming close to him, whenever they see him they will go inside, they don’t like greeting him, infarct he is not welcomed in your family, better find your way young lady, because what you are going to face in future is not going to be a good wall, the type of the guy you need, is a guy that will be good to your family, and the family will be good to the boy too, with that will you say again

  1. Every day and every night, you will be wondering where he is and who he is with

You keeps having this feelings that you don’t trust him that he might be dating another girl, everyday you will be thinking and taking to yourself “Who knows where he is now, who knows if he is with another girl now” even when you are in class, bet me this is not a good feelings atoll, the guy is not meant for you, so look for another source, you need that a guy that will make your mind to cool down, whenever he is out, for holiday or anything


Is funny sometimes, that is another sign that you did not trust him, no matter the amount of words he said, you will always snick into his phone, to check if he has anything to do with another girl or not, that is not a good sign, you suppose to be comfortable with whatever he is doing, as a girl you need a relationship where you will trust your guy and your guy will trust you


The 5 above are almost the most common once, but before I proceed, I have to tell you that guys are something else, don’t fall deeply in love till you know the truly him, don’t see him as your everything, when you find out that he possesses the above characters, let him know that you can do without him, but if you are still doubting that you don’t have to break up yet, you still have 8 Reasons why you should break up, Let us continue

  1. Every day you people will be fighting over one issue or the other

Do you think that it is a good relationship, since you have been dating this guy, you have been fighting with him over a small issue that dint suppose to result to fight, Just imagine, you told him that you can’t come that you are busy, that is it oh, just that have closed a big fight between two of you, that doesn’t show that you are in a good hand, but it shows that you are in a bad hands, so better correct yourself in time, before it is too late, what you need is a guy that will not try to pick a fight with you, even when he suppose to fight with you, he will try to withstand

  1. He hates all your friends, he always talks many bad things about them

He don’t use to allow you to flex with your friends, that is something like keeping a girl in a cage, what are you enjoying in the relationship, where you cannot go out with your friends, the boy will be the only person to go out with his friends, my sister please find something to do with your life, if you cannot locate to another boy that will love you more than anything in this life, by the way it is not a must that you will be dating, but encase, you need a guy that will allow you to be social to everybody, and be happy with your friends, and him also will be social to your friends, him and your friends should be best friends

  1. He makes you hate yourself by putting all the blame on you

In every problem, he will find something powerful that will make you blame yourself for everything that happened, he will never accept your mistakes, and he will always see you as a witch in his life, my sister the boy is not for you, try and do something before it is too late, you need a guy that will be proud of your mistakes, he will always tell you that every mistakes is a blessing, he will understand you and your mistakes


  1. Whenever he is in trouble, he will like to involve you in the trouble, but if he wins something like money he will never let you know

Just imagine your boy friend win up to, $30,000, he will not tell you, you can only know it from the mouth of an outsider, the most bad part of it is that, whenever he is involve with something like a criminal act, he will get you involved in the case, in school, at home, everywhere, and people have already recognised you as his partner in crime, the type of guy you need is the guy that will never get you involved in any of his crime, he will always like to protect you, and save you from bad guys

  1. He always force you to do something that you don’t want to do, or not in the mood

This guy always beat you, whenever he told you something and you refuse, are you his slave or maid, even a husband can never fuse his wife like that, he suppose to understand your situations and private affairs, you need a boy that will understand everything about you, he will know when tell you to do something for him, and when to allow you to rest, that he is truly the one you needs as your boyfriend

  1. He did not have a single respect for you as a girl

Sometimes girls do needs respect, not only boys needs respect in a relationship, but that does not mean that you should be treating him like a fool, when he is trying to give you the respect you needs, but in this situation he does not respect you atoll, he has no atom or single respect for you, you need a guy that will respect you as a girl and you will also respect him as a boy, be careful

  1. Constantly break up and getting back together

Hmm, what are you still doing with him if you are experiencing this type of thing, by the way why are you accepting him back, is he your husband or what who knows you might be the one begging him to come back to you, you are really in the bad hands if you don’t know, what you need is a guy that will never try to quit the relationship, even if it is not his fault, he will try to beg you for forgiveness, so that nothing will break the relationship you have with him, that shows true love, and that also shows that you are still in the good hands, that’s all I have to says


After reading all this and your boy friend possesses the characters mentioned above, am so sorry to say that you are not in any way in a good hands, please and please leave the guy for good and for your future, Maybe you love this guy of yours, but my sister you must leave him for good, if I am a girl and after reading this and find out that am not dating the right guy, I will run for my life, remember the writer of this article is a boy, so he knows everything about boys and there way, so don’t be a fool or a toy, and don’t be the way to say all boys are the same you will find the guy that will love and care for everything about you


To find the right guy of yours, you don’t have to accept guys anyhow, before you accept a guy make sure that he passed your entire test and he possesses all the characters you want from a guy, and don’t rush into relationship, don’t date a guy because of swag, money, handsome, etc but date him because of his brain and his characters, guy are crazy this days once they get what they want from you, they will leave you and go away for good, so be careful before you go into any relationship, I believe my little sister is also reading this article because I don’t want her to be a victim, that is all I have to tell you girls

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