Flavour Ex girlfriend Beverly – We dated for 3 weeks, proposed to me and forced me…

Chinedu Okoli aka Flavour is one musician well loved by many. In fact, call him the king of highlife music in Nigeria, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

But even though he is famous for his music, his 2 baby mamas also make him well known. Also, most do not know that Flavour was once engaged to one Beverly Oh a Nigerian singer who lived most of her life in the USA.

Beverly who recently just released a new single titled Hold Something exclusively told NAIJ how she met Flavour, got engaged and how he forced her to quit her music career.

Excerpts below:

ow Flavour forced me to quit my promising music career - Ex girlfriend Beverly Oh reveals

Beverly Oh

How she met Flavour

My relationship with Flavour was a bittersweet one. I met him in 2012 when he performed at a show in Houston, Texas where I am from. 3 weeks after we met, he flew me to Nigeria, Enugu to be precise. I met his parents and he proposed to me. I didn’t know why he was taking me to his parents so quickly at that time. My mum and aunts kept telling me to cover up and make sure I say yes ma, no ma and all that stuff. He proposed and I said yes.

How Naija girls had a plan for her man

One of the issues we had was the fact that he was based in Nigeria and I was based in the States. This was one of the things that allowed extra noise come into our relationship. We tried to spend time together, but if Naija girls have a plan for your man, they will follow through. This is why I think women need to be close to her man because men are so weak!

How he wanted her to quirt her music career

He said that I should quit my career because our relationship wouldn’t work if they were two stars in the relationship.

ow Flavour forced me to quit my promising music career - Ex girlfriend Beverly Oh reveals

Flavour and Beverly Oh when the going was good

Why the relationship did not work

Our relationship did not work because of lies and deceit. I felt like we both made mistakes so I’m not going to put it all on him. Also when he started getting all the women pregnant, I couldn’t deal. I was like ‘hell no’.

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