Magnificent Photos From Daniel K Daniel’s Wedding In Anambra State

Traditional weddings are always beautiful and spectacular. The public especially rejoices when it comes to one of their favorites. This is what happened with Daniel K Daniel. He was a bachelor, but now that part of his life is over. He begins his life as a happy family man. Daniel K. Daniel showed her worth and she got the man. We suggest you enjoy these beautiful photos from the wedding of this gorgeous couple.

For this famous Nollywood actor, finding a good woman is a blessing. On his 31st birthday, he made it official and showed the world who his woman is. This was on May 22, 2017. The wedding day sure looked very flamboyant and the couple was so happy together.

What do we know about the young wife of this talented actor? She is the famous beauty blogger Teena.

The traditional wedding ceremony was held in Nnewi. This is a touching moment not only for a happy couple but for all their fans. We are so happy for them!

One of the guests at the event, Ken Erics Ugo shared a few amazing photos of the wedding, giving us some”behind-the-scenes” pictures.

And then we also got to see a few professionally taken pictures of the couple on their big day.

Check out this beauty!

Now, let’s talk about the beautiful bride! Daniel K Daniel definitely made the right choice. It’s hard not to fall in love with such a lady. She looked so divine in her elegant dress. She chose the best colour for her skin and she glowed with happiness.

The flowers on the dress deserve special attention. They add a certain femininity and tenderness to the bride’s look. Her earrings, handbag, bracelet were carefully selected. These details blended extremely well with her outfit.

The actor himself also looks great, very manly and majestic. With a husband like this, Teena must feel very loved and protected. His outfit was also carefully chosen to blend with hers. Though with different design, we can see that they are two fashionable people.

And of course there’s the tradition staff with the glittering gold knob. The couple sure looked like royalty.

Here is the bride rocking a different attire. The cut of this outfit beautifully emphasizes her figure.

The lace at the lower part of the skirt looks very elegant. And note the beautiful scenery and background. Simply the perfect photo.

Below, the couple posed for another photo together. His impressive cap with a design that denote royalty says it all. This woman is marrying a real man. It is very clear that these are extraordinary people with wonderful taste.

Let’s wish this wonderful couple long years of love, happiness, and mutual understanding!

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